Computer Mason Ltd

Concorde is an aircraft of stunning beauty. Most professionals, scientists, engineers and flight crew would agree that it is way ahead of it's time.

The problem was that it came to a market that had changed beyond recognition. When it was first conceived the world was a very different place to the world in which it entered service.

At the proposal and design stage it faced many competitors. One by one these fell by the wayside. The design and marketing teams took hope that their project was clearly superior in every way to the competition.

Many data processing and business projects start out with such hopes. Like like Concorde many of these projects fail simply because they fail to adapt to a changing world.

The world is today is changing much faster than when Concorde was conceived. Businesses can no longer assume that cost-cutting and outsourcing are the best answer. The best answer is to identify value and stay focused on it and how it may best be achieved.

Computer Mason Ltd has helped companies from the SME size through to International Banks, Giant Engineering companies and the Military to solve problems using value. This had been achieved through our Consultancy Services, Programming Services, Training Services and just simple "out of the box" advice.

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